International Technological Finance and Block Chain Conference In Shenzhen, China

July 28, 2017

Tahir Ali, the CEO & Founder of Topsites, was invited to speak at Technological Finance and Block Chain Conference in Shenzhen.

It is clear that WexPlanet is partnered with a premium technology provider. This gives us the confidence that we will have the technologies needed to succeed in our goals.

Over recent months, Tahir Ali and the Topsites team have dedicated huge investment in resources and finance to Wex World project. Wex World is company that is focussed on building the Wex brand and creating a usage infrastructure around Wexcoin.

The speech at the conference was about the future of Cryptocurrency, as a medium of exchange between two parties without the need for a trusted third party. Right now, however, cryptocurrency is being used as a vehicle for high-risk investment, and it could create as many winners as losers.

In the end, the coins that will survive are the ones that have the greatest utility. Wex World is bringing great value to WexPlanet.