News for Wexcoin members –

April 11, 2017

With all developments in Wexcoin, it is important that we make it is easy for our members to remain informed. This is why we created This website will act as an official source for Wexcoin related news, through which our members will be able to learn about the latest updates, developments and technology about Wexcoin. The website will provide information about news and events around the world, benefits of Cryptography, environment related issues and will have access to all the necessary information on the Wexcoin community. We are making Wexlife news a website for fast and easy access to information that is useful to you, offering opportunities for effective growth with Wexcoin. Stay up to date and find out news from Wexlife first.

The website consists of following pages:
• News
• Videos
• Country Profiles
• Map

The “News” section will comprise the latest news in relation to Wexcoin. This will help you to stay in loop, regarding the latest developments at Wexcoin.
The “Video” section will provide you with different kinds of videos and tutorials about the company.
The “Country Profiles” option will help you to sort news by different countries and markets.
The “Map” option will indicate Wexcoin locations worldwide. Our member countries – Russian Federation, Vietnam, Thailand, Czech Republic and we will include more.


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