Wexcoin Network name change to WexPlanet

April 26, 2017

Wexcoin was originally started as an environment focussed cryptocurrency. Every transaction with Wexcoin creates revenue that goes to either purchasing Carbon Credits or helping replantation initiatives around the world. During our communication with the Network much of this message was being lost. By changing the name of the network from Wexcoin to WexPlanet we feel that this message will now become stronger and strengthen our communication in the future.

These changes were planned to coincide with Earth Day 2017 initiative in April. We are happy to say that over the next few days we will be rolling out the changes on the website.

Our focus is on promoting sustainable technologies and green initiatives within the company.

We are living and doing business on one planet, and with our business, we are looking to have a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, by separating the name of coin from the name of the network, we create more clarity within the team. We believe that this change will add more transparency to our purpose and will enable better communication going forward.

WexPlanet: Environment and Education focussed Network promoting the use of Wexcoin and WexApp.

Wexcoin: Environment focussed cryptocurrency, a type of carbon coin

WexApp: Communication and Payment solutions technology

Over the coming weeks we will be providing you with a better vision of the future and how everything fits together. We are bringing cryptocurrency into the real world. This is the mission for which we stand.