WexPlanet leaders’ Riga Event

July 10, 2017

In the life of WexPlanet, our mission is to bring cryptocurrency into the real world, and we are proud keeping our promises. Wexcoin is one of those rare cryptocurrencies that can be used in the real life. The first coin, which you can use as a payment method in coffee shop Wexcafe that serves branded coffee promoting our wexcoin.

The Riga event was planned to take advantage and to present to top leaders the whole WexPlanet future vision, also, to explain concept of WexWorld common benefit. WexWorld is an independent company that is working for the future utility and usability of wexcoin.

The WexWorld brand includes following projects that have been developed for the last six months and still are on the implementation process: Wexcafe, WexApp and Wexlocal.

WexWorld – Intelligent by Design

The company is developing the strategic framework for Wexcafe network of Coffee shops and WexApp. Also ensures that we have a long-term sustainable business and has a positive impact on the world at large.


Wexcafe – cup of character

It is the first café concept designed to create a bridge between the social & technological environment.


WexApp – Intelligent Rewards

Designed to improve your shopping experience by combining a payment solution with Customer Cashback through an easy to use mobile app.


Advertising platform that allows coin holders to meet personally and trade. Buy and sell wexcoins near you.


WexPlanet Riga Event did take place from 4th to 7th of July where 30 company top leaders participated and it was one of the first leader summits in Europe. During the visit, all qualified leaders had a special program that was a combination of entertainment with Riga city sightseeing, Wexcafe opening ceremony, strategic training day about the company future vision and WexPlanet headquarter office visit. During these few days:

  • Event participants got more information about the company’s future and vision with examples of how we are bringing cryptocurrency to the real world;
  • All top qualified members saw that company leaders are committed to reach their goals and to go strongly forward;
  • In those days it was a great opportunity to meet each other, to network, to exchange experience, get feedback and give suggestions;

More detailed information is coming soon.

Thank you very much for participating in WexPlanet leaders Riga Event! Let’s move forward with more quality and bigger vision!