WexPlanet Riga Launch event for Founder Pack Partners and qualified partners

May 18, 2017

It is our pleasure to invite our Founder Pack Partners and all qualified partners to the upcoming WexPlanet Riga event, which is organized in Riga from 4 – 7th of July. As summer is at its peak this is an amazing opportunity for you to enjoy the culture and nature in Riga.

This specially organized event will give you an opportunity to meet with the members of WexPlanet, visit headquarter office, take part in valuable WexPlanet training session, go sightseeing in Riga Old town, experience Latvian traditional evening on the boat and enjoy the taste of Latvian cuisine.

This is the most exciting upcoming event as WexPlanet are going ahead and opening the first new Technology Eco System Coffee shop WexCafe on 5th of July. Which is designed for our members and more people to get to know about new technologies, professional development, networking opportunities, new payment solutions and productively spend their leisure time with new coffee shop concept, where you can enjoy the best quality coffee and food while learning and using new technology devices in modern, social environment.

Qualification period:  17th of April – 15th of June


  • All Members who directly sponsor 15 000 SP (Registrations; Upgrades) will be qualified for Events program. WexPlanet headquarter office visit, hotel expenses, food, training and entertainment, sightseeing in Riga and Prague. Note: Flight expenses are covered by you.
  • Sponsor another 15 000 SP (Registrations; Upgrades) directly and you get 1000$ online money to support your flight ticket. Flight tickets must be purchased by you.
  • If you buy a Founder pack, then you get invite to Riga and Prague with the entire program, including flight expenses.

WexPlanet team is looking forward to meet you and make your Riga visit full with unforgettable events. Travel, learn, have fun, meet new friends and do business with WexPlanet. We are standing for mission to bring cryptocurrency into the real world.